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Sprinkler Head Staking

This video shows how the measuring and flagging of each hole is done to ensure that the new sprinklers are located where they need to be for efficient operations.  The heads are each flagged then marked in a way that the position can be identified for several weeks until the actual installation occurs.

Materials Delivery

This video shows the process for materials delivery for an HPDE irrigation project.

Pipe Delivery

This video shows the process of delivery of HDPE pipe.

Installing Sprinklers and Laterals

This video shows you how a hole is dug where each sprinkler will be located, then a HDPE pipe is pulled off a wagon and “straightened” as it is vibratory plowed into the ground.  At the same time the pipe is pulled in, there are communication wires that are “laid” in and later connected.  The video ends showing how the sprinkler heads, swing joints and wiring is completed.

Mainline Installation - A

Video shows a 6-inch mainline trench with a track hoe removing rock, the crew prepping the trench for the new HDPE pipe and what the construction site looks like while this is happening.

Mainline Installation - B

This video picks up with a portion of the pipe now installed and the installation crew focused on cleaning up and restoring the area, then shows the HDPE pipe being prepped for a mainline isolation valve.  The valve is then installed by two individuals on the crew and the remainder of the area is restored.  The video ends with showing that same area one week after the installation.

Mainline Installation - C

This video shows in a very linear way the steps of the installation process.  1. The crew excavates the trench, 2. The crew installs the pipe, 3. The crew backfills the trench, 4. The crew restores the area.

Post Installation Healing

Some video of a summertime installation that illustrates how the cut and replaced sod needs to be maintained.  It also shows how little physical damage is done to the course.

Stream/Bridge Crossings

The video shows pipe attached to bridges for stream crossings.  In these videos, the owners specifically requested that the pipe be attached to the exterior.  They had plans to replace all the bridges within two years of the installation.

Road Borings

Rather than making an “open cut” where you would cut the road surface and excavate a trench across the road, it is very common to use a directional boring machine which “bores” a tunnel under the surface and then uses the machine to “pull” the new pipe through the open cavity.

Transfer Pipe Installation

(Pipe run that is dedicated to one purpose of transferring water from one point to another) - The video shows 16” diameter pipe being installed across a golf course and the machinery required.  The line in the video was installed  for transferring a high volume of water for a snow making system.

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