Turf Utility Vehicles
& Mowing Equipment


Storr Tractor Company is representing the new TCPN and NJPA New York State Contracts for Toro, Case/IH and Alamo products. Tax supported agencies may access these contracts and save both time and effort instead of using the formal bid process. the formal bid process:

New York State Contract:

Contract PC66756, Group 40625 Toro Equipment
Effective June 2, 2015

Contract PC66577, Group 40625 Heavy Equipment, Alamo Group
Effective July 8, 2014

Contract PC66598, Group 40625 Heavy Equipment, CNH Industrial (Case/IH)
Effective July 8, 2014



Key Sales Personnel

Steven Steven Bradley, Rockland & Orange counties
Kevin Hoban, NYC & the Five Boroughs
David Pienkosz, Long Island
Andy Taylor, Long Island
Vanessa Burkly, Sales Coordinator
Ken Indyk, Sales Director